Measuring Equipment

WELD-TECH manufacture an selection of Oxygen Monitors covering all the requirements and demands from the Builder to the Contracter.

The extravagant OM1 is used for jobs that demands a low Oxygen content (2ppm) and Data Logging for documentation, where the GM1 (100ppm) is used for more standard jobs.

PM40 Handheld Oxygen Monitor

PM40 Handheld Oxygen Monitor

Oxygen monitor PM40 is designed for the low end of measuring the contest of oxygen in
the welding area. By measuring down to 40ppm is a perfect simple solution to ensure a
perfect weld.

Technical specifications:
Range Down to 40ppm
Battery: up to 20 hours before recharging is needed
Accuracy: +/- 5ppm
Display: Digital
Sensor: Thermo-electric

Battery powered
No preheating time

Instrument: 0,42 kg