IHP All on board

IHP All on board

Selvkørende med power pack og trådløs fjernbetjening.

For more than 20 years Weld-Tech has produced internal hydraulic clamps for pipe welding. Build on the prediction that hydraulic was the future “state of the art” in pipe-welding, WELD-TECH has created a unique range of clamps in close cooperation with costumers around the Globe.

The Weld-Tech AOB ihps have the following benefits:

Economical due to: Low maintenance cost; one clamp for 3 pipe sizes
(2 for pneumatic range)
Easy to handle due to: No presetting for specific inner diameter; no cables, hoses, reach rod or compressor
Effective due to: Great alignment and reforming capacity; wireless remote control and charger; automatic stop at end of pipe; battery effective for up to 100 weldings.

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